B.Pharmacy - Nizam Institute of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the art of science of preparing and dispensing medication and the provision of drug and related information to the public. It involves the interpretation of prescription order; the compounding, labeling and dispensing of drugs and devices. Drug product selection and drug utilization review, the responsibility for the patient monitoring and intervention and the provision of cognitive services.

The report of the commission of Pharmacy, titled Pharmacist for the Future and often referred to as the Millis Report, states “.. that the pharmacy should be conceived basically as a knowledge system which renders a health service by concerning it self with understanding drugs and their effects.” It is the profession responsible for the appropriate use of medication, devices and services in order to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes. Pharmaceutical care is a necessary element of total health care.

Currently there is a professional degree course in Pharmacy, B.Pharmacy course curriculum usually require 4 academic years in order to complete the degree requirements.

Professional courses: Basic to most pharmacy courses are in Pharmacology, Medicinal chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and the Clinical-Pharmacy externships. Courses in pharmacy law and pharmacy business administration also are found in this sequence.

Opportunities for under graduate students to specialize/minor in certain professional areas have become more available and increasingly popular. Most prominent are hospital/institutional pharmacy, radio-pharmacy, cosmetic science, management, health psychology and research.

Ummul Qura Education Society’s continuing effort to open up educational opportunities to minority sector has prompted to establish Nizam Institute of Pharmacy in 2005.

The Nizam Institute of Pharmacy (NIP) has been established in the same campus of Nizam Institute of Engineering and Technology, after obtaining the approval from AICTE, necessary sanctions from the Government of AP and under affiliation to JNTU.

The Academic year started in 2005 for academic year 2005-2006 with 60 intakes sanctioned by AICTE. 100% admission process has been completed in the very first year.

AICTE insists on using the “Innovative Practices” by Technical Institutions consisting of 3 categories like “Best Practices, Progressive Practices and Other Practices” with 36 parameters. While the group institutions, Nizam Institute of Engineering and Technology has been, categorized by AICTE as one of the 18 colleges in AP under “Best Management Practices” category by way of adopting these practices as per the guidelines of NIPS, the same is being practiced from the very beginning in this institution too.