Nizam Institute of Pharmacy

Dr.Syed Mohammed Kazim

Principal, Nizam Institute of Pharamcy

Dr. Syed Mohammed Kazim, Principal, Nizam institute of pharmacy was born on 21st April 1974. He is a doctorate in pharmacy with pharmaceutics as his area of specialization. He was awarded his PhD from Acharya Nagarjuna University in the year 2016. He is a dynamic, research oriented and hard working person.

Dr. Syed Mohammed Kazim has a professional profile which is an excellent blend of industrial and academic experience. Before joining Nizam institute of pharmacy he was associated with industries both in India and abroad. He was the Production Manager in GULF INJECT, Which is a German collaboration sterile products facility in U.A.E. Also he was the formulations scientist at Granules India Ltd, Hyderabad and has handled many FDA and TGA audits. Dr. Syed Mohammed Kazim joined Nizam institute of pharmacy in 2008 and was promoted as Principal in 2017. He is committed to improve the standard of the profession by giving a very quality exposure to both students and staff.

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