Nizam Institute of Pharmacy

Mr. Mohammed Fathe Khaleq

Chairman, Ummul Qura Education Society

Leaders are not born, but they are made. For this, student life is the appropriate stage. The persons who were hard-working in their student life turned out to be great personalities. Hope our students play a major role in strengthening the society and the nation.

Students ought to be serious about their career before they can be anything else. They should develop genuine interest for subject and then study it with a spirit of dedication. If India wants to be abreast of others and keep pace with the advanced countries in the West, our students will have to take their studies more seriously. Our potential is not inferior; it simply needs exploitation and proper channelization. One of the most valuable things that any student can learn is the art of using the knowledge and experience of others. We are living in a world of intense competition, and the law of survival of the fittest is everywhere, only the best can survive. Because of all these facts all those who would like to enjoy enduring success must go about its attainment through the use of Power and Knowledge.

Wish you all success.